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CarolPres2Civitan International is an organization of volunteer service clubs around the world, dedicated to helping people in their own communities. Civitans help wherever the need arises – from collecting food for a homeless shelter, to volunteering at their local retirement home, to building a playground for children with disabilities

Traditional Civitan clubs are based in individual communities throughout the world and, along with their support of Civitan International’s core emphasis on helping people with developmental disabilities, they find and address a broad range of needs within their own communities. 

Civitan Connect, on the other hand, is an “out of the box” club with no physical address that exists online and has members from all over the world each of whom “reaches out in service” within their own community. The advantages of an online club are many, the most important of which is making membership in Civitan possible for a broad range of people who don’t have access to a traditional club either because there are no clubs in the area or, for one reason or another they are not able to attend meetings of clubs that are in the area. A second advantage to an online club is the international makeup of the membership providing a rich and diverse fellowship among the members.

If Civitan International’s goals are what you are looking for, perhaps Civitan Connect is the way for you to reach them.  Try us out.  We meet once a month on the second Wednesday at 7:30pm Central time. You can connect using a computer or a smartphone or tablet that have internet service. Click the link below to be taken to a page with our meeting room links.   A webcam and microphone will improve your experience but are not required to participate. See you on the web!

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